The Wear Yellow Cab Ride

The Wear Yellow Cab Ride program is our primary initiative and funded by our signature event, the Wear Yellow Ride, Fun Run & Walk.

As a cancer survivor, co-founder and past president Mike Buckley had the idea to start funding cab rides for cancer patients in Omaha who were without access to transportation, a need he discovered during his own treatment journey. Access to rides to and from treatment are essential because patients are in a weakened state and often times left unable to drive themselves, which also leaves them vulnerable to medical lapses. Even if patients do have family and friends who can help, they aren’t always available. The annual Wear Yellow Ride, Fun Run & Walk turned into a way to fund vital transportation by providing free cab rides to cancer patients in need, and the cab rides remain our primary program to date. Since launching our free cab ride program in late 2012, Wear Yellow Nebraska has spent more than $124,000 dollars in providing more than 7,500 cab rides to patients in need.

Want to know a little more about the program first hand from a nurse navigator? Watch the video as Nicole Peterson shares details about the program.

Financial Aid

Cancer treatment is an expensive illness that can be a great financial burden and the extra expenses can lead to unforeseen struggles. Wear Yellow Nebraska has offered financial aid to those in treatment to help offset costs and give survivors less to worry about during a time when medical care and regaining health should be a priority.

iTunes Gift Cards

Sometimes hospitals will give pediatric oncology patients access to tablets to help keep their minds off treatment during a stay. We have partnered with these hospitals to provide pre-loaded iTunes gift cards so the kids can buy games and apps for entertainment purposes.

Supplemental Support

There are so many wonderful programs available for cancer patients, and we have found a great purpose in stepping up to the plate to help them be even better. For example, we have filled in Make a Wish® voids when circumstances arise, such as giving a child visiting Disney World a camera to document the trip.

Make a general donation to Wear Yellow Nebraska and we will ensure your donation goes to the program or campaign that needs it most.